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Thursday, 13 February 2014

I want to write for Riot Games

I write this with the utmost sincerity and seriousness. As a recent college graduate just trying to find his place in this dog-eat-dog world, this is merely my attempt to stand out from others. It seems that doing anything short of saving a Riot employee's life from a moving vehicle means the chances of being considered for a position are slim to none. I may lack programming ability, I do not have any artistic talent, I did not graduate from a prestigious university for my education, and I do not have personal connections with anyone at the company. Nevertheless, I believe that I can be a valuable asset to Riot Games when it comes to one particular area: writing.

Besides being an avid gamer, writing has always been something I hold dear to my heart. I am a proud grammar Nazi who is an absolute stickler when it comes to the English language. Believe me when I say that typos grind my gears. I have an extremely keen attention to detail in finding written errors in documents. I have experience in editing written works in large quantity for spelling, grammar and flow. I am mostly a technical writer, but I have dabbled in creative writing in the past.

So in short, if it came down to me being that guy who sits in a cubicle all day, sifting through loads of documents to be a glorified spell-checker, I would honestly be very content with that. In fact, I would be one very happy camper if I could do that every day. I am just tired of being lost in the shuffle in this already-chaotic job market. I genuinely want to work for your company riot points Games. I know people like me are a dime a dozen, but what sets me apart is that I am actually a very competent writer with the ideal work ethic. I absolutely love League of Legends, and it would be the greatest thing in the world to me if I can use my skill-set to help the game become even better.

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