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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to Manage a Beauty Salon

The manager of a beauty salon is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the business, handling customer complaints and addressing employee issues. The amount of responsibility changes based on the type of beauty salon, but you should be able to competently perform the following responsibilities.

1. Schedule stylists, receptionists, manicurists, massage therapists and other employees. If your stylists make their own schedule, they need to give you their schedules a month in advance so you can make a master schedule. The master schedule allows your receptionists to book appointments and tells each employee when they need to be at work.

2. Hold staff meetings to cover promotions, address issues and answer questions. Get feedback from the employees on salon products. Inform the employees of any customer complaints you received.

3. Work with representatives for local and national distributors. Often times the representatives inventory your product and do the ordering for you. Review the orders and double check that you need these items. You may have to enforce a budget with some representatives.

4. Reconcile the daily sales reports, accounting for all cash, checks and credit card transactions and make deposits if necessary. Beauty salon farmington hills mi pay their employees cash tips or provide a tip report at the end of the day and others add the tips to the paychecks.

5. Sort paperwork like time off requests, accounts receivable and accounts payable. You may be responsible to pay invoices or forward the information to the owner.

6. Generate reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis per the owner's request. Often these reports are sales reports but may include a breakdown of services rendered.

7. Manage reward points and schedule educational opportunities. Most distributors offer educational classes that can be purchased using reward points that accrue based on the dollar amount the beauty salon spends with the distributor. Redeem the points for products if you don't host educational classes.

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