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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to Walk to Lose Belly Fat

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat is something both men and women often struggle with. There is nothing more discouraging than losing pounds while belly fat seems to remain. Before you start doing crunches, start walking. Walking is a great way to reduce belly fat and overall body fat without paying for gym memberships or expensive equipment.

1. Dedicate at least one hour each day to walking. The best way to get results if you walk to lose belly fat is to walk often. You must be able to walk each day in order to achieve notable results. If you are a fast walker or can walk only a short distance, 30 minutes each day will be sufficient.

2. Plan a walking route that includes stops. When you walk to lose belly fat, make an effort to slow your heart rate and speed it up again. This will help increase the calories you burn while you are walking and will help you achieve results more quickly. These stops could be visits to a friend's house, a quick trip into a convenience store--anything that will temporarily slow your heart rate. Stop long enough for your breathing to slow to a normal rate, and then resume walking. The time needed to slow the heart rate can vary but usually will take no more than five minutes.

3. Walk far, not fast. Usually, walkers concentrate on walking quickly to increase their heart rate and the number of calories burned. While this isn't always a bad idea when it comes to losing weight, it is the distance traveled that counts when you walk to Lose Belly Fat 10 Day Kick Start. To achieve the best results, walk between 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day, using a pedometer to track your progress. Work to meet and beat your goals and to stay motivated.

4. Pace yourself, and don't overdo it. If you do not usually exercise on a daily basis or are new to aerobic exercise, do not expect to get up one day and start walking 10,000 steps without problems. Work up to your goal, and do not strain yourself. If you start having a hard time talking or breathing while walking, it is time to take a break.

5. Keep pushing yourself. Do not let yourself become comfortable with your walking routine. If you start to find that your walks are easy or are not taking as long, it is time to push yourself. Start walking longer and faster, or try to find a new walking location. Remember: The harder you work, the flatter your belly will be.

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