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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to Say NO to Drugs and Alcohol the COOL Way

Unfortunately, in today's world, teens are constantly bombarded by the media that drugs and alcohol are the way to go. The media and some peers give the impression that EVERYONE does Drugs and Alcohol Addiction. Teens may feel alone and isolated if they don't conform. It's really sad, but Geuss what? I think teens should know that there ARE teens out there that RESIST. They are still cool and don't do drugs or alcohol. In fact, they are better off than most of their other peers.

1. Avoid parties that have drugs or alcohol. I know, I know... there's always going to be that one situation where a friend might throw a party and he or she may permit alcohol to satisfy the peers who do drink. If you do end up going,( which I would really advise against, but I know how teens can be so I understand) make sure to bring a group of friends that won't be drinking or taking drugs so you wouldn't feel out of place.

2. If someone offers you something, just say NO. Most people will just shrug and walk away from you, but I know there are the types that will NAG you until you give in. Keep a poker face and DON'T give in. They'll be amazed at your strength to refuse.

3. Your best excuse will probably be "I just don't like drugs or alcohol. That's it, end of Story." A Solid and Simple statement should do the trick. Don't argue and be firm about the statement.

4. If they keep pestering you, call your parents or someone you trust to pick you up.

5. If they bother you when you see them again at a place like school, you have the right to tell an adult or principal. If it has gotten to this point, they're not really good friends. There's plenty of people out there that don't drink or do drugs. You can meet those people and have true friends.

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