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Monday, 27 January 2014

Casino Bonus Whoring Guide

Casino bonus whoring refers to registering at an online casino to take advantage of the free casino bonus that online casinos offer as an incentive to sign up.  Players are generally awarded a percentage bonus on their first deposit which is usually matched or exceeded by the casino as a welcome gift for registering and to keep you playing at the site.  In casino bonus whoring, the player repeats the action of signing up and completing new player bonus offers across multiple casinos in an effort to make a profit.  To do this, players sign up with the intention of only meeting the minimum requirements set out by the casino to unlock or cash-out the bonus and thus minimize their risk of losing and maximizing their chance of completing the bonus.  We have compiled a comprehensive guide to casino bonus whoring that gives you detailed information on how casino bonuses work and which online casinos offer the best casino bonuses that are easily cleared and obtained.

Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino market has become incredibly competitive over the past 5 years with hundreds of casinos all pushing for a share of the market.  Because of this increase in competition, casinos have been forced to offer higher incentives and casino bonuses to their new players in an effort to attract and retain new people at their sites.  Although there are lots of large casinos best bonuses available to players, the casinos are aware that some people are only interested in receiving their casino bonus and leaving the site, so in most instances they have implemented a policy for certain requirements that you must fulfill before you are allowed to withdraw your bonus from the casino.

Fortunately for you, these conditions can still create a great environment for a savvy casino player who wants to maximize his or her return on their money by playing through various casino bonuses online.  The best kind of a casino bonus is one that is given to players up front on their first deposit.  Say for example you deposit $500 at an online casino and they match your deposit 100% up front.  This means that you now have a combined starting bankroll of $1000 to play with and even though you may not be allowed to withdraw the bonus money, this extra boost in cash can be very helpful in turning a profit in the casino.

Casino Bonus Requirements

As we highlighted before, online casinos have rules in place that require a certain amount of play before a player is allowed to withdraw any winnings.  In some cases, the casino bonus is only meant to serve as extra money to gamble with and the actual bonus amount may never be withdrawn, but the winnings you make using that money can be.  Another important thing to find out before hand is if there are any game restrictions that either do not count or do not count as much towards satisfying the requirements to unlock your bonus.  Generally games such as roulette, video poker and in some instances certain variations of blackjack will either count less towards your bonus or not count at all.  The reason the casinos disallow certain games is purely related to the odds, which in games such as video poker and blackjack are much more in the players favor than games such as slots.

Earning A Casino Bonus

Now that you know the rules, it’s time to learn how you can beat them while claiming the bonuses and walk away a smarter and more profitable casino player.  When it’s time to play, we highly recommend playing games such as blackjack, roulette (red or black only) or video poker as these give you the best chance of surviving the requirements and not going bust in the process.  In addition to game selection, the following strategies are also very effective in earning casino bonuses:

•             In relation to your starting bankroll, make your bets small and conservative each time as this will minimize your chance of busting out on a bad streak

•             If you hit a bad run on a particular game, do not increase your betting as this is a quick way to get frustrated and blow your whole bankroll

•             If you complete the casino bonus requirements and find yourself with less than your first deposit (i.e. you are at a loss), withdraw and start again at a new casino instead of blowing the remaining balance

•             Make sure you are familiar with the rules and strategies for the casino game you are playing, for blackjack read up on basic strategy and betting

•             Take scheduled breaks in your play especially if you are losing, this will keep you focused on the goal of getting the bonus and maintaining control

•             If you are unclear of the exact bonus requirements and conditions contact the casino before hand and have them explain the rules to you

•             Remember that as you complete bonuses, you should keep the money in your bankroll so you can increase your deposits at new casinos and get bigger first time bonuses to continue the cycle

Following these simple strategies will greatly improve your chances of being a successful casino bonus whore and fulfilling the requirements needed to receive your casino bonus.  Now that we know the background, rules and strategies for casino bonus whoring, let’s take a look at some of the best online casinos for bonus whoring.

Best Casino Bonuses

The following list provides an in depth look at some of the best casino bonuses offered by the top online casinos. We have outlined and reviewed each of these casinos specifically highlighting their individual casino bonus requirements and rated them according to how easily their bonuses can be obtained by players and how fair their terms are in giving the player a fair shot at obtaining the bonus.

By following the tips and techniques outlined in this guide, you should be able to easily work through all of the requirements at these casinos and be on your way to making a profit through casino bonus whoring.

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