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Monday, 9 December 2013

Ways to Make a Wine Club Work

Wine clubs give amateur and experienced wine enthusiasts an opportunity to taste new wines and old favorites, share what they know, learn from one another, enjoy their interest with others who understand the passion for wine and receive discounts on group purchases. Wine clubs also enjoy traveling together to different wine regions, where they can sample vintages from the areas that produced them.

Define the purpose of the club. Wine Clubs can be fun, educational, formal or a little bit of everything. Defining the purpose first will help you make all of the other decisions necessary for a successful club.

Assign someone to act as leader/organizer for the club. Someone will need to be responsible for inviting members and scheduling events. Later, the membership can elect a new leader if it chooses.

Set a budget. Before you can invite others to join, you must let them know what the financial obligations will be. Include the costs for food, venue rental and transportation along with wine-tasting expenses.

Start small. The Exploring Wine website recommends starting with no more than 10 members. Choose members who share the same commitment to attend and participate in the club.

Establish the procedures for the group. Decide who will purchase the wine for each tasting and how they will be reimbursed. Other considerations are how and if the wine will be scored and how and where the meetings will be hosted.

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