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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Paleo Diet for Athletes

There are many types of diets marketed toward athletes. One of those is the latest and popular Paleo diet. The Paleo diet developed by doctors and trainers, and claims to be a healthy diet for athletes.

Paleo Diet

Paleo- based diet is that humans are adapted to consume more foods for biology. Paleo Diet Recipes gets its name from the Paleolithic period of human civilization. During this period, humans consumed the meat and vegetables are mostly lean. Carbohydrates such as wheat and rice did not invent, and therefore, are not included in the diet. Dr. Lauren Contain, author of "The Paleo Diet for Athletes”, states that human beings are genetically programmed to thrive on the primitive type of diet (diet Stone Age). It is believed athlete on this diet to thrive because it is designed digested food to enhance human physical performance peak.

Lean protein

Paleo diet promotes the consumption of lean meats, and those that contain less fat. For example, chicken breast is a lean meat. Include red meat, lean cuts with less than a marble effect, which is when you see a fat white mixed with red meat. These include cuts, but not limited to, tenderloin, strip steak, over the top and T- bones. Chicken eggs are the choice of food is highly recommended on the Paleo diet. Ideally, the eggs come from chickens raised organically. A high proportion of protein in the diet Polio is good for athletes, also uses protein to repair stressed muscles. Providing lean meats healthy protein with little fat. Seafood is an important and very healthy from this diet. Seafood provides lean protein, and salmon, a fish highly recommended, provides omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the brain and joint health.

Live foods

Live foods are raw foods from a plant or tree. Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of food for the Paleo Diet and accompany every meal. There need not all vegetables to be eaten raw, and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, fresh or cooked important. According to the philosophy of the diet, and live food available to man the Paleolithic, and therefore perfectly acceptable to eat.

Restrictions and changes

Paleo Diet believes in limited use of salt. It can be difficult to avoid salt completely, but in personal cooking, and the official website of the Paleo diet recommends replacing the salt with garlic powder and chili powder, and lemon juice / lemon, pepper and any other type of herb. Dried celery is a good alternative because of the high level of sodium natural occurring. Should be replaced with vinegar, lemon or lime juice. Vinegar was not present during the days of the Old Stone Age man, and thus prohibits its use in the diet. Prohibits the butter and fats such as lard for people who use this diet. Butter and fat can be replaced with olive oil and other vegetable oils and fruit, because the human body is designed to digest these oils without pressure on the body. They should avoid sugars, and even natural honey should be limited, as the Paleolithic man did not have sugar as the main ingredient in his diet. Alcohol was not used during the Stone Age; however, the Paleo diet recommends moderate wine, beer or mixed drink use with meals.

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