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Monday, 16 December 2013

Megaupload Premium Link Generator

Megaupload premium links to avoid many of the restrictions set in place for non-premium users of the service. Premium links are prioritized which is probably the most important aspect. This does mean that users with those links do not have to wait before they can download the file and that no size limits are in place either.

The author of the Megaupload Premium Link Generator is using his own - or so he says - premium account to generate the links for everyone. My first thoughts was that this had to be against the Terms of Service but a quick lookup did not reveal a passage that it would be indeed illegal.

I was only able to find out that the owner of the premium account would be liable for all the actions that someone else would do with his premium account which is where I would have stopped creating the websites or make it private.

The system itself is pretty straightforward. You paste the Megaupload link into the form and it will generate a premium link. Use that premium link to download the file which should bypass all restrictions for non-premium users.

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