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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Introducing NutriMind clean, optimal mental performance in 45 min or less

NutriMind is an all natural plant based Nootropic Supplement stack with a strong synergy of top grade brain nutrients. Formulated in Canada, manufactured in a cGMP facility in USA; it provides a perfect blend of the highest quality rare brain foods from around the globe.

What does it do:

Increased oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain.

Increased information processing.

Protecting neuronal function.


Increase Oxygen and WhatIfNutrition Delivery to the Brain

As we age, it is common to see blood vessel narrowing that can limit blood flow to the brain. An oxygen ingredi- ent, Vinpocetine, causes brain blood vessels to relax and increases blood flow in your brain.

Cordyceps Sinensis increases cellular oxygen absorption by up to 40% and increase Bio-Energy by as much as 55%.

Increase Information Processing

Brain activity can be closely associated with neurotrans- mitter activity. The more active your neurotransmitters, the more resources (fuel) your brain can dedicate to thinking.

NutriMind increased information processing speeds by increasing the bio-availability of key neurotransmitters needed for working memory and thinking clearly.

Protecting Neuronal Function

Free radicals can slow down the brain. We are exposed to them by external toxins such as: cigarettes, alcohol, pollution, pesticides and some foods. The ingredients in NutriMind promote long term neuronal function by pro- viding world class anti-oxidants to the brain to clear free radicals.

Anti-oxidants keep your brain young and strong so you can think fast, clearly and feel great every day.

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Introducing NutriMind clean, optimal mentalperformance in 45 min or less
Introducing NutriMind clean, optimal mental performance in 45 min or less

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