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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Instructions for Driveway Seal Coating

Regular maintenance of your asphalt driveway will ensure its longevity. Cracks that are left unattended will grow larger over the years from freezing water as it expands. Applying sealcoat asphalt sealer to your driveway every five years will help preserve the driveway and protect it from the elements, such as sun, wind and rain. You can apply sealcoat to your asphalt driveway in less than one day, depending on the size of the driveway.

Choose a warm day to apply the sealcoat. The temperature should be above 50 degrees, and rain should not be expected for at least two days. Remove grass and dirt from the edges of your driveway with a flat shovel. Sweep your asphalt driveway thoroughly with a stiff bristled push broom. You want to make sure that all loose debris is removed from the driveway. Use a pressure washer to clean stuck on dirt. Clean out the cracks in your driveway using a screwdriver. Remove dirt and loose asphalt from the crack, and then flush the crack using regular water pressure. Never use high pressure to flush the cracks. The pressure will damage the asphalt and make the cracks larger.

Treat oil spots with a detergent oil remover. Use a stiff bristled brush to scrub the area, and then wash the detergent away. After the asphalt has dried, apply blacktop primer to the area. The primer will help the sealcoat adhere to the old asphalt.

Patch the cracks using blacktop patch. It usually comes in a one gallon can, but it may also come in a tube that can be applied with a caulking gun. Use a putty knife to force the patch material into the cracks, and scrape away the excess. Allow the patch work and primer to set for one hour before you apply the sealcoat.

Turn the five gallon bucket of Asphalt Paving and Seal coating in Richmond Va upside down and allow it to set for five minutes. This will allow any settled matter to float to the top of the bucket. Mix the contents using a drill mixer or mixing stick. Pour the seal coat directly onto the asphalt from the bucket, and distribute using a large roller. Don't allow the sealer to pool up in any one spot. Make sure that it is evenly distributed throughout. Allow the sealcoat to dry for at least 48 hours before placing heavy traffic onto the surface.

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