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Thursday, 26 December 2013

How to Make a Virtual Tour

Making a virtual tour of your home when you are selling it is important marketing tools that can help prospective buyers take a peek at your property from the comfort of their home. Virtual tours also allow buyers from out of state an in-depth look at your property. With a virtual tour, you increase the chances that someone will want to come see the home in person, netting you a faster sale. Creating your own virtual tool is fairly easy with online services that organize your pictures for you.

1. Use a digital camera to take many pictures of your home. You'll not only need pictures of each of the rooms, but several from each angle of the home so that a buyer can look at all of the rooms in depth.

2. Take pictures starting from the left and moving to the right of each room. The best way to do this is to stand in the bottom left corner of the room and move smoothly from one picture to the next. Remember that when put in the Tour Singapore, these pictures will look like someone is actually walking through the home.

3. Include all of the different views of the home, not just the attractive ones. Your home should be neat and tidy while taking pictures, and it's best to remove any personal effects so that a buyer can picture himself or herself in the home.

4. Upload the pictures to your picture software, and organize them carefully. Number each one within the file name, such as "Family Room 1," so that they are easily referenced when you upload them to the virtual tour website.

5. Use a virtual tour. Each website offers a drag-and-drop editor so that you can arrange your photos so that they flow seamlessly one from another to make it look like a real home walk-through.

6. Label each of the photos so that prospective buyers can see clearly which room is which. Take some time to enter a description for the home in the description field, complete with your asking price and how to contact you to see the home.

7. Save the virtual tour and receive a URL you can use on all of your listings and postings to drive traffic to your virtual tour.

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