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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How to Attract MLM Leads

A number of companies like nutritional businesses use MLM, or multi-level marketing, to attract customers. MLM customers or workers are typically self-employed and must recruit their own downline members. MLM workers typically order phone or mailing list leads of business "opportunity buyers" or "MLM enthusiasts" in which to market their business. The constant collection and maintenance of these leads are how MLM workers make their living.

1. Go to the bookstore and purchases some business opportunity magazines. Look in the magazines for "mlm" or "business opportunity buyers" phone and mailing list leads. Go online and search for phone and mailing list leads. Also check the leads at the MLM Leads. Purchase 1,000 mailing list leads and 500 phone leads, or buy more leads if you can afford a larger mailing of 2,000 or 5,000 pieces.

2. Get an 800 line for incoming calls. Have your MLM company develop a website for you as most of them do. Include your 800 number on your website.

3. Develop a phone script for calling your phone prospects. Introduce yourself in the script and tell your prospects that you are calling because they expressed interest in a business opportunity. Ask them whether they are still interested in a profitable business opportunity, then tell them a little about your opportunity and the company. Stress the payment plan and the potential earnings. Have them visit your website while you are talking. Do a three-way call with your sponsor during your presentation and try to get your prospect into your business.

4. Order postcards from your MLM company as most companies will supply them. Have the company put your 800 number on your postcards. Create a two-minute sizzle call on your 800 line that will motivate people to call your main number, which should also be included on your postcard.

5. Place your mailing list labels on the postcards and mail them. Call people back who leave their number on your 800-line voicemail. Use a similar script that you used for cold-calling people to introduce your business opportunity. Qualify each prospect by finding out how much they could potentially spend for a business. Disregard those who do not have the financial means to get into business and focus on closing those who have the necessary funds.

6. Place a classified ad or small display ad in at least one business opportunity magazine. Create a headline and some brief copy for the ad that gets the attention of the readers. Include your 800 number in the ad. Follow up with everyone who calls and try to get them to join your MLM business.

7. Find a Web designer in your local area to create a lead capture page for your website, which will then redirect people to your website. Explain to the webmaster that you will need the page to avoid spamming people when you advertise. Include some enticing information about your business on the lead capture page, then invite them to enter there name, phone number and e-mail address at the bottom.

8. Contact people at search engine companies and place an ad with them. Have them create an ad and link that will take people to your lead capture page.

9. Create a database of all the people who call you. Keep these names on file for other business opportunities or MLM companies that you join. Start selling names for profit when you have about 5,000 to 10,000 names on hand.

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